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The Smell of Space

Over a Half Million Dollars in Sales

Eau de Space is a viral sensation, raising over $650,000USD, exceeding the original goal by 32,000%, supported by 13,000+ backers from across the world, and featured in top news outlets. That's pretty space-ial. Thanks for all of the support!

Featured Across the World

Eau de Space went viral in 2020, being featured in top news outlets across the world. Space is finally cool again.


Get Free Eau de Space Fragrance!

Do you work for, or are affiliated with, a STEM program? We are accepting scholarship applications for Eau de Space Fragrance donations from schools, summer camps, non-profits, and educational programs. Simply have the program representative fill out the form below, and we'll be in touch.


In The News

 CNN - Allen Kim, This is what space smells likeArs Technica - Jim Salter, Can't afford to fly to space? Settle for smelling like itEngadget - Christine Fisher, NASA's smell of space is available as a perfumeNPR, NASA Designed Perfume Captures Smell Of Outer SpaceFast Company - Lilly Smith, Eau de Space brings NASA-researched smells of space down to earthMashable - Nicole Gallucci, NASA's smell of space could soon be available as a perfume, Sputnik, NASA's Eau de Space will make you smell like space without leaving earthCBS, New perfume smells like outer spaceGQ - Amy Campbell, How much would you pay to smell like outer space?INSIDER, Where to buy perfume that's said to smell like outer spaceYahoo, NASA's smell of space has been converted into a perfumeNERDIST - Matthew Hart, NASA-Designed perfume captures the smell of spacePopular Mechanics - Jennifer Leman, Eau de Space, the perfume that smells like outer spaceDaily Mail - Stacy Liberatore, Eau de Space recreates the smell of spaceNew York Post - Charlotte Edwards, Bottled space fragrance created by ex-NASA geniusABC - Now you can smell like outer spaceIndia Today - Nishtha Grover, Wonder what space smells like? This astronaut-verified fragrance has the answerNewsTalk - Steve Pearce Chemist and the CEO of Omega Ingredients joins Sean on the show, USA TODAY - Dalvin Brown, People have pledged over $300,000 for a NASA-made perfume that smells like outer space, NPR - Limericks, When an astronaut comes back to base, there's a scent that's not easy to trace. It clings to the suit, smells like steak, rum and fruit. Let's distill it and sell eau de...BBC, Nasa space smell launched as perfumeWSJU, You Can Now Smell Space Without Leaving Earth's AtmosphereDaily News, Eau de Space brings the Great Beyond to earthlings’ nostrilsInside Retail, NASA-linked perfume recreates the ‘smell of space’, HYPEBEAST, This NASA-Designed Fragrance Lets You Smell Like Space, Tech & Geek,You Can Get Perfume That Smells Like The Universe [NASA’s ‘Smell of Space’],  Interesting Engineering- Derya Ozdemir, NASA's Eau de Space Will Make You Smell Like Space Without Leaving Earth Burnt steak, raspberries, and gunpowder might be this summer's hit fragranceGeeky Gadgets- Conner Flynn, NASA’s smell of space perfume, Unilad, NASA Developed A Perfume That Smells Like Space So Astronauts Won’t Be Surprised By Odour, BroBible, You Can Now Know What Space Smells Like Thanks To This Fragrance Developed By NASA, FirstPost, EAU DE SPACE: STARTING OCTOBER, YOU COULD SMELL LIKE SPACE WITH BOTH FEET ON EARTHiHeart Radio, NASA Develops Fragrance that Smells like Outer Space,  Good Morning America, There's a new perfume that smells like outer space,  TRAVEL AND LEAISURE - Cailey Rizzo, Eau de Space — Which Smells Like Actual Outer Space — Could Be Your New Signature Scent. The four-ounce bottles are starting at $29The CUT - Erica Smith, Would You Like to Smell Like Space?Endgadget - Jody SerranoPeople Have Committed More Than $634,000 for a NASA-Designed Perfume That Smells Like SpaceUSA TODAY - Dalvin BrownPeople have pledged over $300,000 for a NASA-made perfume that smells like outer spaceNews.co.au - Jack GramenzNASA recipe for the Eau de Space smashes Kickstarter goal 

Successfully Funded by You!

Dear Eau de Space, I just wanted to thank you for making this whole process so easy. I have never participated in a Kickstarter before, but you communicated so well, set out the different options and I felt very informed the whole way through. I am very excited to gift the perfumes to my friend who not only loves Space, but is a Primary school teacher here in Tasmania, so I see lots of fragrance inspired writing next year with her Grade 4/5!! Thanking you kindly,


"Thank you so much! 
I'm very excited about the work your team is doing. Looking forward to getting the product."


"We're so excited for our family to experience the "Smell of Space"! Thank you for the great communication!"


"Congrats and looking forward to receiving my bottle of The Smell of Space. Thanks so much!"


"Can't wait to smell l'eau de space!"


"I am so excited this dream has become a reality. I just put my address in and am anxiously waiting!"


"Keep up the great work!"


"Thank you very much and congratulations for the big success you are having!"


"Awesome, thank you so much!"

Ye Eun Kim

"Okay, first of all, I AM SO EXCITED to smell like the moon. And space. I have been spreading the word through the monthly horror newsletter I write and on the comedy podcast I co-host. I just wanted to reach out and say how amazing y'all are."


"Many thanks! Love your work! :)"